9. May 2021

Dear friends,
unfortunately the previous year didn’t let us organize a “Back to Our Roots” exchange. But we have a great amount of people still interested in participating this year. Please share information about this youth exchange in Estonia to young people (18-30) with Estonian roots!

This year’s programme will be different. We divide people into smaller groups depending on their interest and organize more activities in nature.

Participants who enrolled themself for last year’s programme do not need to apply again.

Back to Our Roots!

Youth Exchanges in Estonia
Organized by: Seiklejate Vennaskond

Dates of activities:

1st exchange:

12.- 23.06.2021

2nd exchange:
01.- 12.09.2021



Each youth exchange brings together 30 young people aged 18-30 of Estonian origin; 20 living abroad and 10 from Estonia. The main aim of the youth exchange is to introduce the Estonian culture and language to participants.

The programme includes:

* introducing the Estonian history and cultural heritage to young
Estonians living abroad;
* sharing Estonian success stories, good practices and planned future
* teaching participants the Estonian language in the non-formal
learning environment;
* providing information about work and study opportunities in Estonia;
* introducing Estonian governance system;
* creating the network for young people of Estonian origin that might
support repatriation .

The programme consists of various activities organized in different parts of Estonia.

During the whole exchange programme the participants will have a chance to learn and practice Estonian in the non-formal learning environment.

The youth exchange programme is organized by youth organization Seiklejate Vennaskond, coordinated by Estonian Youth Work Centre and financed by the Compatriots Programme of the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research.

Profile of participants (coming from abroad):

* Age 18-30;
* Estonian roots, but living abroad for at least 10 years;
* Motivation to learn and practice Estonian;
* Willingness to participate in the whole programme of youth exchange
(participants need to choose to which exchange they apply for; they can participate only in one).

Costs related to participation:

If selected, all costs within Estonia are covered 100 %, including
accommodation, food, local transport, visits and excursions. Travel costs will be reimbursed after the exchange up to 300€ based on actual costs. There could be exceptions of increasing/decreasing the limit depending on the overall travel budget and the distance of individual journey. For instance, as travel costs from neighbouring countries are under the limit and from more distant countries over the limit, it will be balanced to be fair to everyone. Visa (if needed) is the responsibility of each participant, but organizers can provide assistance in getting the travel documents. Travel insurance is obligatory and be obtained by the participant. This cost will not be reimbursed.



rahvuskaaslased@gmail.com – all questions are welcome!

Application deadline is 27th April 2021 – mainly for June’s exchange
participants. But we are flexible with the date.